Ayurveda Nutrition

Want to take your wellbeing even further? Then Ayurvedic  services are for you. Ayurveda means “life knowledge” in Sanskrit. It is a medical health system from India, and has been practiced for around 5,000 years.

A range of activities in this discipline:

Consultations: Ayurveda teaches us to take care of our mental and spiritual health, while paying attention to lifestyle, diet and physical activity. Today it’s fully recognized and applied in hospitals alongside with Western medicine.

During your consultation we will work to define your Dosha /mind and body constitution, and to provide you with the best suitable diet, herbal remedies and daily schedule. This is established through discussions in conjunction with tongue and pulse readings. Duration 60-70 min.

Ayurvedic cooking includes group and individual sessions, providing a culinary experience using traditional Ayurvedic knowledge and fresh, local organic ingredients. Decide what you like to eat and we’ll cook it together! Duration depends on complexity of your meal.