Yoga Lessons

Detach – go inward”

Public and private classes in a variety of yoga disciplines on the beautiful Cape Verdean islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão. My sessions safely guide you through the practice regardless of age, constitution type and experience.

Teaching people, not poses”

“Practising yoga we still our mind, purify our thoughts, breathe and appreciate the simple silence inside”


Hatha: A focus on alignment, steadily coming into asanas (postures) and holding them for a while. We use pranayama, breathing technique, as well as pratyahara, withdrawing from senses, and meditation to connect your mind, body and soul.

Vinyasa: A meditation in motion, with coordinated, fluid breathing. The pace of this powerful practice is higher, consisting of a variable sequence of poses, building strength, concentration and resilience.

Yin: A slow practice with a meditative approach throughout the class. Comfortable poses are held for extended periods, ranging from 2 to 10 minutes each. These movements encourage you to surrender to the pose, relax the muscular system and reach connective tissues of the body and stills the mind.