NEW massage space open!

The Origins of Therapy Massage history dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures that believed in it’s medical benefits. Of course, the therapist´s skills and hands are important, so are the premises!

We welcome you to visit our new Massage space in Madeiralzinho, Mindelo, Cape Verde. We put our best into it, so today you can enjoy the soft earthy tones of the rooms, comfortable reception room, a cup of herbal tea, rich choice of therapeutic massages – everything to relax, restore your senses and to have a memorable experience of your treatment.

As a therapist I started with my Ayurvedic studies and the first massages I learned were from Ayurveda, a medicine with its origin in India. Until today I have specialized in various Oriental techniques. I strongly believe that impact on the body is through the mind. Therefore I especially like working in the premises that have been created with much love and dedication. It might be simple, yet it gives a touch of tranquillity, a blissful moment. It is a wonderful escape from the hot vivid streets of Mindelo. Contact us for more information and we would be happy to assist you in several languages.


When you are in harmony with yourself, you see beauty all around you….when you see beauty all around you, you ARE in harmony with yourself…..

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